The Howard-Sloan Healthcare Team is dedicated to delivering quality healthcare to underserved communities across the United States. We offer an all-inclusive staffing service spanning from urban Federal Qualified Health Centers to rural Critical Access Hospitals. Our staff values include being efficient, honest, and using transparent recruitment practices to ensure our clients and their patients, will always have access to the highest standard of patient care.

The Howard-Sloan difference lies within its highly tenured and specialized consultants. Each of our team members have been hand selected with a specific skillset pertaining to individual specialties of practice, so that each of our clients and medical professionals are given unique and result driven partnerships. With a consultative approach in the market, our team can efficiently deliver results that offer solutions to issues related to, but not limited to the contingent workforce. Our team’s mission is to passionately deliver superior healthcare, through a relationship driven and economically friendly approach, to the communities we serve. 


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