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Over the past thirty five years our dedicated compliance practice has served a wide range of businesses including financial services, pharma and consumer products. Our background and experience in compliance allows us to identify and present highly qualified and motivated candidates across a broad spectrum of industries. The proportion or percentage of our work by industry is a function and reflection of what is happening in the economy at large and therefore varies over time. Given the turmoil in our economy the greatest demand for compliance professionals has come, not surprisingly, from financial institutions. The proliferation of new regulations for financial firms has also contributed to the need for additional compliance personnel to oversee and implement these new requirements.

The overall exponential growth in demand for compliance personnel across the board has been accompanied by a need to fill positions that frequently involve working with increasingly complex requirements and specifications. In some cases we see job descriptions with parameters that we have never seen before. Our background and experiences provide us with the tools to identify qualified candidates for even the most esoteric of jobs. Our database and our relationships with clients and candidates, along with referrals, provide us with an enormous pool of qualified candidates. We also have dedicated researchers to work on searches that are particularly challenging. With these resources we are confident that we will find qualified candidates for you.

We believe that all we accomplished stems from our ability to listen to what our clients say. And that ability to listen is why we are successful. We know that we live in a constantly changing world with those changes impacting all of our markets. And we believe that our ability to deal with people and to absorb and digest and adapt to ever changing requirements gives us the ability to successfully work across a wide range of businesses.

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