ISPOSSIBLE in Tech “Lift Off” Space + Futurists Event

I’m Tiffany Roesler, Sr. Managing Director of HSPS. I want to thank everyone coming. Howard-Sloan is global staffing firm lead by Mitch Berger and we are comprised of legal search, financial search and for the last 8months tech search. Our tech team is made up of 11 amazing recruiters and my counterpart Patrick O’Neil. A 1000 thanks to Sandra SUAREZ for providing the Belvedere…which is the best vodka out there…I know this…for I’ve tried them all…Thank you to Our DJ, Marcus Hudwell, and our speakers: Kevin Lupowitz who is the CIO of Clear, a company creating ground breaking technology……Gray Scott….Futurists philosopher/ Founder and Editorial Director at

The ISPOSSIBLE Mindset is rooted in the conviction of infinite possibilities. It was once thought that in outer space the gap between stars was nothing….We now know that it is the opposite….rather in between stars lies the highest concentration of energy. We are all made of energy and what lies between you and I is energy…There is without a doubt a rhythm to the universe.

Our world’s population is roughly 7 billion. And 23% of the population is connected to the web. In 6 more years that percentage will increase to 66%. What does this mean? 3 billion new minds will join the global shared intelligence by being connected to the web. What does that mean? Anything you can imagine ISPOSSIBLE in our lifetime… looking at the world through this lens and feeding your mind possibilities… will strengthen your ability to create.

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