1st ISPOSSIBLE Women in Tech event

Hello, I’m Tiffany – the Sr. Managing Director of Howard-Sloan – a global staffing firm founded in 1957. Our tech division is made of 12 recruiters who joined together for a common mission and vision. That mission is conveyed in our ISPOSSIBLE mindset. That vision is in displayed in coaching our clients and candidates. Ask any of us more about it after tonight. We set out to truly focus first on helping our community by creating inspiring ISPOSSIBLE events every month. Thank Gayle and Amy from Mongo for collaborating and hosting tonight’s event. We invited undergraduate NYU Women in computing along with their mentee’s in high school computer science clubs to join the linage of the fellow women in tech here tonight. Our mission with ISPOSSIBLE Women in Tech is to share possibilities

Here’s a peek into why we need to support women in tech. Printed in the Huffington post in July of this year, “Only 2 percent of open source developers are women, and women earn only 28 percent of B.S. degrees in Computer Science. But why in this day and age is there still a professional field that’s so dominated by men? One study from the Level Playing Field Institute found that workplaces like tech startups can be “hostile or unpleasant environments for women and people of color, leading to those employees seeking out other companies or even other industries for work.”

The format of tonight’s event is to ask the panelist any questions you like. It takes courage to lead and that is why I want to highlight Maya Angelou’s ISPOSSIBLE story to expand your courage.

Dr. Maya Angelou is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature. She is a poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, actress, playwright, civil-rights activist, producer and director.

I admire the sureness in the poise at which she speaks and the beauty of the fairness behind her words. I value her wisdom. But how many of you knew that she was a mute for 5 ½ years? At the age of 7, Angelou was raped by her mother’s boyfriend. The only person she told about this was her older brother. A few days later her mother’s boyfriend turned up dead. She recalls that she thought her words had killed a man and therefore she stopped speaking for 5 & 1/2 years. Dr. Angelou said, “Mutism is addictive – it’s like a drug you don’t have to do anything.”

We are the leaders of ourselves and ideas. We need our voices. Our mission is for women in tech to share their voice more and that takes courage. I commend the panelist for not only sharing their voice every day at their organizations but here tonight. I commend everyone that asks a question today. For it takes courage to do so. Maya Angelou says we develop courage in small ways and I think we can start right here tonight.

Thank you all for supporting and now I hand it over to my team to introduce our panelist!

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